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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

On 17th February we held our second Young Coders MeetUp

Cyber Security

To launch this MeetUp, we had a female speaker Zoe Rose, a cyber analyst. She talked about what cyber security is and her journey into it. It was full of humour and invaluable insights. She also told us about the wide range of jobs in the Cyber field and what each of them do, from Ethical Hackers to Cyber Forensics.

The second talk was from the CEO of Secure Code Warrior, who told us about the importance of secure code.

After that we had a break and then came back to start our Cyber Security ‘Remediate the Flag, Challenge. After about an hour of constantly changing leaderboards pole positions, it ended with me at the top of the leaderboard, naturally (don't tell anyone, I've actually done it before LOL)! I gave my prize to Imran. Also, one of our youngest coders, Noah, got onto the leaderboard too by hacking the system quite successfully, we now call him ‘Noah the Ninja'. Although some people were upset that they missed out on prizes it was actually a really great event and everyone learnt a lot about Cyber Security. However, I did learn that having prizes didn’t work for us as it felt unfair - instead we’d prefer a raffle and enough prizes for everyone to receive one. However, everyone did get a t-shirt.

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