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YCM Launch

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

On 20th January we had our first Young Coders MeetUp at Red Hat

Machine Learning and AI

We were all very excited to launch our first young coders MeetUp at Red Hat. We had sold out on the tickets and were looking forward to meeting some new enthusiastic young coders. We achieved 50/50 gender parity. After Pizza (of course), we had a really cool session on Machine Learning using IBMWatson, their Visual Recognition APIs and Scratch. We first made a Machine Learning model that could tell the difference between a nice and bad comment that would show a happy or sad face accordingly.

It was really straight forward and as we used Scratch for the coding which most of us had used before. Me and another young coder, Imran, ideated about an App to help the Deaf community to spell words, using Machine Learning to detect the different signs and then giving the written English word. Together we made a prototype using the sign language letters, it was pretty cool. Other people had awesome ideas too and overall it was a great, interactive and engaging way to launch our Young Coders MeetUp and it was really well lead by my Mum, who was learning about it, too.

After the MeetUp I ran a testing session of my Micro:Bit Sound box which I was going use to present a Girls Coding event with some of the other Young Coders (female). It went quite well and we got some cool feedback about how to introduce the Radio functions and musical elements in the workshop.

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