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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

YCM pre-launch Development1 - On 21st October 2018 our core Young Coders MeetUp team congregated at Red Hat’s Open Innovation labs in Monument. After filling ourselves with pizza, we all sat down for a really cool Agile coaching session from Prema.

We looked at what the Young Coders MeetUp really needed and put all of our ideas on a board using post-it’s, grouped them into sections and then voted on our favourite ideas. In the end we voted for a website and started to designing one with pen and paper and thinking about the framework that would be needed behind this. Overall, it was a good first development session as it got us all ideating and thinking collaboratively about what we want for the Young Coders MeetUp. We continued to come up with more ideas through the month to bring to the next session.

YCM pre-launch Development 2 - On 16th October we held our second Young Coders MeetUp pre-launch event. We first looked at the layout and structure of our events deciding that we wanted to start with ( and talks), how to structure the workshop sessions and finish with ‘Show and Tell’. We also presented our website ideas from the last session together coming up with a picture of what we want from our Young Coders MeetUp platform.

With Elliot Pittam, we did trial-ran a Micro:Bit robot hack, after finding some cheap robots that had the correct power input for the Micro:Bit in the Entertainer. It went really well and we also made controllers for the Robots. This was definitely one of our favourite workshops but realised we need to be careful with timing as we ran overtime. We made a pledge to gender parity by agreeing to invite one male and one female young person to the next MeetUp.

YCM pre-launch Development 3 - On 16th December we had our Young Coders MeetUp pre-launch Christmas Special. We decided to test out our structure as we all brought along guests to the event. To start the MeetUp we had a series of Career spotlight talks - 3 amazing people from the industry talked about their journey into their current job and gave us some tips for the future.

Secondly, after testing out the Robot workshop last month, we tested out another one. As it was Christmas, we had to have some fun, so we all brought in hats, gloves and scarfs and with Rehanna, added awesome bits of wearable tech to them. It was a great final development session and we were all ready for the launch next month. And guess what - we had 50/50 gender split at our MeetUp - so proud.

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